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As part of Freedom not Fear, we will meet with MEPs in the European Parliament. Visitors are eligible for travel reimbursement and a fixed allowance thanks to visitor quotas of MEPs supporting us. Please read the participant information for details.

Registration is not compulsary in order to take part in the FNF event from Friday to Sunday, however, in order to take part in the EP visit on Monday and to receive any allowances, you must register.

To facilitate your participation, we have organised hotel accommodation close to the event venue and the EU facilities that you may book below.

Mandatory visit to EP  
In order to receive the travel allowances, it is mandatory that you take part in the official visit to the European Parliament on Monday, 1 September.

On Monday afternoon (after the mandatory EP visit) we’ll schedule talks with MEPs and other relevant politicians to be prepared in workshops during the weekend. If you are interested in taking part in these talks, please reserve time until about 15:00 on Monday afternoon before planning your departure.

Please register as soon as possible  
The available places are limited - if all places are booked, you may register for the waiting list. In case of cancellations you will be notified and can change your participation status from “waiting list” to “registered”.

Freedom not Fear – Registration for Travel Allowances
The following information is required to register for the official visit at the European Parliament:
If you are allergic to certain foods, please let us know so we can plan the meals accordingly.
Do you need wheelchair access? Please let us know!
Registration fee

Aparthotel Adagio Access Europe
Rue de l'industrie 12 - 1000 Brussels
Hotel accomodation for 3 nights: Friday, 1 to Monday, 4 September 2023, Breakfast not included

For each of the following options you will be asked to make an advance payment in the next step. This will confirm your registration. After taking part in the official visit to the European Parliament, you will be reimbursed a fixed allowance of 100€ plus your actual travel costs (original tickets required, the maximum reimbursement for your travel costs is 0.18€ per km distance from your home to Brussels).
If you can't afford to pay the full amount due to financial restrictions, you may choose a reduced price option. If these are not available anymore and/or you still can't afford to take part, please get in touch with us and we'll try to find a solution.

If you book a room in the hotel with us, there will also be the possibility to have breakfast at the Adagio. You can book the breakfast individualy here. The breakfast costs 13€ per day.

Yes, I'd like to support Freedom not Fear with a donation.
Freedom not Fear depends on individual donations to cover expenses like venue, facilitation, infrastructure and support to participants who otherwise couldn't afford to take part in the event. Your donation is highly appreciated, thank you!

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